Hristo Kiskinov
Stepan Kostadinov
Andrey Zahariev
Slav Cholakov

Weighted exponential Dichotomy of the Solutions of linear impulsive differential Equations in a Banach Space

The paper is published: Rostocker Mathematisches Kolloquium, Rostock. Math. Kolloq. 69, 3 - 17 (2014/15)

MSC: 34A37   Differential equations with impulses
  34G10   Linear equations
  34D09   Dichotomy, trichotomy

Abstract:   In the paper a dependence is established between the ψ-exponential dichotomy of a homogeneous impulsive differential equation in a Banach space and the existence of ψ- bounded solution of the appropriate nonhomogeneous impulsive equation.

Keywords:   Exponential dichotomy for impulsive differential equations, ψ-dichotomy, ψ-boundedness
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