G. Plonka, G. Pöplau, D. Potts, M. Tasche, J. Prestin, E. Quak, F. Sprengel
Contributions to Approximation and Wavelet Theory
The paper is published: Preprints aus dem Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Rostock
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Abstract: Collection of papers in Approximation and Wavelet Theory


Gerlind Plonka:
Factorization of refinement masks of function vectors

Gisela P\"oplau:
Fast Direct Solvers for PDE's in Shift-Invariant Periodic Spaces

Daniel Potts and Manfred Tasche:
Interpolatory Wavelets on the Sphere

J\"urgen Prestin and Ewald Quak:
Time Frequency Localization of Trigonometric Hermite Operators

Frauke Sprengel:
Algebraic Polynomial Wavelets on the Square

Keywords: approximation theory, wavelets, matrix refinement equation, fast PDE solvers, wavelets on the sphere, time frequency localysation, Boolean sums
Notes: published in:
Approximation Teory VIII, volume 2: Wavelets and Multilevel Approximation
(Eds. C. K. Chui and L. L. Schumaker), World Scientific Publ., 1995