Thomas Kalinowski
An algorithm for optimal collimator field segmentation with interleaf collision constraint 2
Preprint series: Preprints aus dem Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Rostock
92C50 Medical applications (general)
90C27 Combinatorial optimization
Abstract: Multileaf collimators are widely used in radiotherapy to realize intensity modulated fields as superpositions of homogeneous fields, so called segments. One important step in the planning process is the decomposition of the modulated field into a small number of segments such that the total number of monitor units is also small. In this paper we present an algorithm that is based on the results of \cite{Kal03} and constructs a segmentation with minimal total number of monitor units and a small number of segments, taking into account a machine--dependent constraint, that forbids leaf overtravel in adjacent rows of the multileaf collimator.
Keywords: leaf sequencing, radiation therapy optimization, intensity modulation, multileaf collimator, IMRT