Kurt Frischmuth, Vyacheslav G. Tsybulin
Computation of a family of non-cosymmetrical equilibria in a system of nonlinear parabolic equations
Preprint series: Preprints aus dem Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Rostock
35B20 Perturbations
65M06 Finite difference methods
Abstract: We study a system of two nonlinear parabolic equations
with cosymmetry and find a continuous
family of equilibria with nonconstant spectrum.
Basing on the finite-difference approach, we develop a
numerical method for solving the partial differential
equations and calculating the continuous family of
non-cosymmetrical equilibria.
An application of the proposed system to population
kinetics is demonstrated. Numerically computed families
are presented.
The dependence on model parameters is discussed.
Keywords: Cosymmetry, parabolic systems, stationary states