Laure Cardoulis
Existence of Solutions for an Elliptic Equation Involving a Schrödinger Operator with Weight in all of the Space
The paper is published: Rostocker Mathematisches Kolloquium, Rostock. Math. Kolloq. 58, 53-65(2004)
35J10 Schrodinger operator, See also {35Pxx}
Abstract: In this paper, we obtain some results about the existence of
solutions for the following elliptic semilinear equation $(-\Delta
+q)u = \lambda mu+f(x,u) \mbox{ in } \mathbb{R}^{N}$ where $q$ is a positive
potential satisfying $\lim_{\vert x \vert \rightarrow + \infty}q(x )= +\infty$
and $m$ is a bounded positive weight.

Keywords: Schrodinger operator